Students need to stay motivated at all times in order to perform well in educational activities. Schools at San Gabriel Valley have been working to find the best ways to keep their students motivated and curious to learn new things. The chamber of commerce of the San Gabriel region is focused on building and promoting communities that work towards the betterment of educational facilities alongside other attractions, organizations, and businesses of the valley. Here are the factors affecting the education system.

7 Factors that Affect the Education System

Curriculum structure

With the right class and curriculum structure, we can expect children to thrive easily. The curriculum will prepare teachers to make class materials available to students beforehand. It reduces panic and allows students to walk on a safe learning path.

Teacher behavior

When the teachers are unable to create a good image in front of the kids, they can have a hard time delivering their message. This can affect the entire learning process of a subject. A teacher should practice kindness, encouragement, positive feedback to keep students motivated.

Teaching methods

Teachers should be eager to implement new methods to understand which method suits their students better. Using new methods often will also keep students curious to experience something new without getting bored. Practicals can help teachers teach the subjects while triggering the creativity and imagination of the students.

Parental habits

Parents should also show interest in what their children are learning in schools. Showing interest in the books, inquiring about their day, and actively listening to their needs will help children to stay open about their mental health with their parents. They should always be available when the children need help with their subjects at home.

PTA arrangements

There should be regular PTA meets where parents and teachers can sit together with the kids and understand what can be done better. Based on their performances, they can be given constructive criticism and told how they could improve themselves. With the presence of parents, children will be able to understand things better.


Standardized assessments can impact the motivation of students negatively towards education. At such a young age, students might not be ready to deal with the pressure of assessments. Countries like Finland and Japan do not provide any tests to the children in primary. Despite the lack of tests, the students display better academic achievements later on. Such an idea is discussed in the chamber of commerce San Gabriel Valley.

Family issues

The chamber of commerce also encourages families to keep a healthy relationship at home, affecting children’s mental health. Lack of security and understanding at home can impact students in negative ways. Children who face conflicts in their families have a hard time focusing on their studies. Problems like constant moving, loss of parents, divorce, feud, etc., can cause distractions in their studies.

7 Factors that Affect the Education System

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